I Started The Year Well !

Today, my 2 stock calls which were posted yesterday, were triggered and they are doing well as shown below despite STI down 1.26%.

I started the year well and this greatly boosted my morale and confidence of making more money in 2015.

Next Saturday, I will also start off with my first Unit Trust Seminar of the year.

During the seminar, I will impart my knowledge and skill to the attendees on how to extract profit from the global market systematically and steadily to grow their cash and CPF money in a safe manner. I will also teach them how to use the strategy to double their money every 3 years.

I will also be sharing on the market outlook for the first half of 2015 and which market and sector to look out for.

If you would like to start off the year well like me, do join me for a great seminar next saturday by registering here.

One Good Investment A Year Will Secure Your Golden Years