AsiaPhos is currently range-bounded between $0.089 and $0.107.

It is a good candidate for my intra-day trading tomorrow.

I am also looking for it to break out of $0.107.


IPS Securex

The penny are having a party this week and I had a wonderful time with them.

As the year is coming to an end, I hope my stock calls on ASTI and Sincap are able to improve your trading income so that you can have more money to spend on a nice year-end overseas holiday or festive celebration like Christmas and New Year.

Today, I spotted another penny stock IPS Securex which is a good candidate for intra-day trading tomorrow.

This stock had formed a solid base at $0.062 and is poised to just go up.

Buyers are slowly scooping up this stock as shown by the price action.

Trading Is Easy. Don’t Make It Complicated.

Moya Asia

Yesterday, the US job report was good and the US market rebounded strongly.

On Monday, I will be looking at Moya Asia which has started to resume its uptrend again after a healthy pullback.


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