Market Outlook

After the US Fed increased the interest rate on Wednesday night, the S&P 500 had a big fall for the past 2 days. The market reaction is negative and it looks like it is heading down again.

2015Dec-S&P 500-800x600

The European and Asia markets also reacted negatively to the increase in interest rate.

Hence, I will follow the general market reaction and short the market from tomorrow onward.

Enjoy the fast ride down!

Market Outlook

These few weeks I have been busy working on a trading course for the mass market as I will be shifting my focus on them for next year. I will help these group of people to earn an extra income from trading especially when the economy may not be rosy in 2016. Hopefully, I will be able to launch the course in January 2016.

I had also just concluded another batch of Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading course over the weekend. These new batch of Sniper Traders will be able to catch the new wave in the market after tonight.

Tonight will be interesting as the US Fed concluded their 2 day meeting and is widely expected to increase the federal fund rate the first time since 2006 by 0.25%.

I will be watching closely for the market reaction after the announcement.

Right now, the S&P 500 had recovered and is resisted by its previous high.

2015Dec-S&P 500-800x600

The Germany DAX is still in a downtrend and ECB did not expand but only prolong their monetary policy.

2015Dec-DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex)-800x600

The STI is very weak and is slowing drafting down.

2015Dec-Straits Times-800x600

Market Outlook

Today will be an interesting day for European market as the ECB is widely expected to increase its QE measure after the central bank monetary policy meeting to combat the deflation pressure and sluggish growth in the European economy.

I hope that Draghi will be able to come out with innovative and bigger stimulus measure to effect growth in the European region. This will inject some steroid for the bull to continue to run till next year.

2015Dec-DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex)-800x600

Market Outlook

Yesterday night the US markets all shot up after the release of last month Fed meeting minutes. Market participant interpreted the minutes as likely the Fed will hike its interest rate in December.

Currently the S&P 500 looks bullish. It is well supported and went up again yesterday.

2015Nov-S&P 500-800x600

Likewise for Germany DAX, it is well supported.

2015Nov-DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex)-800x600

For STI, it looks weak and still in a downtrend. Hopefully, the rally in S&P 500 will pull it up.

2015Nov-Straits Times-800x600


EATECH is a nice uptrending stock. After a correction in August, it has started to resume its uptrend run again.


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Stop loss @ 1.08
Enjoy the ride up!

Market Outlook

Last Friday, the US non-farm employment change data is below consensus and it has been dropping for the last 3 months. The US market initially dropped by 1% but recovered to close at 1.5%.

According to my investment and trading systems, S&P had reached a bottom and will rebound from hereon for this month.

2015Oct-S&P 500-800x600

Crude oil, European and Asia market will follow the US market for a rebound.

From tomorrow onwards, I will be looking at the global market to hunt for entry opportunity for my trading and investment portfolio.

It is time to make easy money again!

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around


Short selling is the easiest and fastest way to profit from the market.

Dayang is a very nice downtrend stock for short selling.

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MRCB had rebounded very nicely last month. Its price action is also very trendy and predictable. Watchout for a breakout for this stock!


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